Hotels, B&B, Guest Houses & Pubs

We arrange insurance for hotels, B&B, guest houses and pubs of all sizes. Whether you run an inn, hotel, bed and breakfast, guesthouse or a pub it is essential that you have sufficient insurance cover in place to protect you, your customers, your staff, buildings, stock, contents, and any liability risks.

Hotels, B&B, guest houses and pubs can be busy environments with many potential risks to customers and the business.  Insuring your business against these risks will help make it easier to manage knowing that you are covered if there is an accident, theft or other kind of damage and loss.

Our insurance can be tailored to your business to protect your hotel or B&B, guest house or pub to fit your specific risks to ensure you are fully protected throughout the year. You will therefore be able protect equipment, guest room furniture, buildings, business money, employees, customers and the business itself from closure following a fire, flooding or similar event.


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