Motor Fleets

We arrange motor fleet insurance through many insurers who each insure different motor fleet risks, so your insurance policy will depend on your fleet or fleets and its mix of vehicles. Where required will have access to specialist fleet insurers for more unusual risks, so we can insure most motor fleets.

Using a specialist like Henry F Dodds

Insuring your motor fleet through an insurance broker like us makes the task of protecting your vehicles easier. If you manage more than two trucks, HGVs, vans or other working vehicles, we can insure them under one Motor Fleet Insurance Policy. At the same time, we can add all the driver name details to ensure your vehicles and their drivers are fully protected against road accidents, damage and injury. This will likely save money and certainly your time.

Choosing the right Motor Fleet policy

There are many types of Motor Fleet policies and it is important to choose the one that fits your fleet. As motor fleet insurance specialists we are advising current and prospective policyholders everyday and so we can offer you a selection of quotations.

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